Supreme Latex Natural Mattress
Latex Supreme Mattress. Total thickness 180mm

Latex Supreme Mattress

Balanced comfort and support

With a thick latex core of medium density latex and two layers of wool, the Latex Supreme is designed for the optimum balance of cosy comfort with resilient latex support at affordable value.

This mattress has a 125mm thick core of 100% natural latex. This medium density latex contours to body shape and encourages healthy sleep posture, while retaining the flat sleeping surface that latex is famous for. Supple and flexible, latex will last for well over 20 years without changing shape or composition.

The bamboo blend fabric in the cover is tough and flexible, giving extra breathability and a silky, flexible surface.

250gsm of 100% pure wool is quilted into the cover. Wool is a great material to sleep on. Apart from being soft, strong and healthy, it wicks excess moisture away from the body and allows air to circulate keeping the mattress fresh. Wool maintains an even temperature, so with the right duvet, it is cool and dry in summer, and warm and cosy in winter. Another layer of wool lies under the quilted cover for extra softness - a 400gm layer of high resilience organic South Down wool.

This bed performs well throughout New Zealand's seasons, staying warm through freezing NZ winters, and wicking moisture away during hot and sticky summers to stay dry and refreshing.


Complete Loft: 180mm

These prices are for the mattress only and include GST.


Single $1030
Double $1460
Queen $1610
King $1810
Super King $2030

Latex Supreme wool and bamboo quilted cover
Bamboo and Quilted Wool Cover

Cross section of the layers in a Latex Supreme Mattress
Cross section showing bamboo cover with quilted wool, wool wrap layer, and latex core.

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