Premium Latex Foam Mattress
Latex Premium Mattress. Total thickness 150mm

Latex Premium

Pure and simple, firm and healthy

The Latex Premium is a firm latex mattress. It promotes a robust and uplifted sleep posture. The wool in the quilted cover provides air circulation and disperses moisture for a dry, fresh sleep environment.

The main substance in this mattress is the firm latex layer: a dense elastic foam refined from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Latex is the ideal bed material - firm, supple and supportive - and 100% natural. The dense, firm latex we use in this mattress is extra resilient, and so will hold your body higher compared with other mattresses. It will retain the same shape and density for well over 20 years.

The bamboo quilted cover has quilted pockets full of 250 gsm pure organic wool. Under the wool in the quilting is a durable layer of pure organic wool that ensures air circulation while regulating sleep temperature.

Recommended for people who like a firm, compact, energising mattress.

Loft: 150mm
Latex:100mm high density firm

100mm core of firm density latex foam surrounded by 400gsm pure organic wool, encased in 250gsm pure wool quilted bamboo blend cover. Special sizes and materials - including 100% organic cotton and bamboo cover and extra firm latex options - are available on request.

These prices are for the latex mattress only and include GST.


Premium Latex Foam Mattress
Latex Premium

Cross section of the layers in a Latex Supreme Mattress
Cross section showing bamboo cover with quilted wool, wool blend wrap layer, and latex core.

Organic Latex

Single $910
Double $1320
Queen $1450
King $1610
Super King $1810