Siesta Futon Sofa Bed or Bed Settee
Siesta Futon Sofa Bed / Bed Settee Siesta Base with futon and canvas cover.

Great in the guest room, sunroom, studio or apartment – the Siesta opens to a full size low style bed. Kick back and enjoy a good book or movie and relax on the Siesta in recliner mode.

Our most popular choice with teens who appreciate its TV, movie watching and gaming potential.

Also a favourite in the living room as a versitle day bed / chaisse lounge.

Compatible with the Deluxe Cotton & Wool futon soft or medium, or Latex Core futon. Optional zip-off futon cover comes in a range of colours.

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These prices are for frame only and include GST.

Futonz - Siesta Bed Settee

Siesta in bed mode.

90 x 200 cm
135 x 200 cm
150 x 200 cm
165 x 200 cm
Dimensions as sofa: Depth 92cm Height 75cm