Futon Bunk Beds and Sofa Bunk Beds

What Are Bunk Beds?

A bunk bed combines two beds in one strong frame. They are great for adults in apartments, holiday houses and sleep outs, and of course kids love them!

Futonz make two bunk designs:

  • the classic bunk bed, with a single bed above and another single bed below.
  • the ‘sofa’ bunk bed, with a single bed above and a futon sofa below that folds out into a full double bed!

Bunk beds are increasingly popular at the batch or holiday home. They are also common in guest rooms. Bunks are established favorites with kids, perfect for siblings and sleepovers.

Futonz bunks beds are made out of natural pine, which looks beautiful and makes for strong, durable and stable frames. The pine is grown through 100% renewable plantations.

Bunk Bed Safety

Our beds are all made with solid wood, metal hardware and are extremely sturdy. Like all our bed frames they come with 10 year warranties. A sturdy ladder clamps securely onto the frame for an easy climb into the top bed. The top bed has a safety rail on all sides, and the slats are fixed securely.

A ceiling height of at least 2.4m will allow comfortable seating in the top bunk. We recommend that the top bunk is restricted to children six years old and over. Our bunk beds are designed in relation to the voluntary New Zealand bunk standard AS/NZS 4220:2010 described here. Our design differs in that the top guard rails on our beds rise 230mm above the mattress, not 360mm which we consider usually too high. If you prefer tall sides just let us know and we will build to your specifications.

Choosing a Bunk Bed

The sofa bunk is versatile, easily folding to and from a bed. It is ideal for dual sleep and living areas.

The classic bunk is great where space is at a premium and a simple solution is required.

Our bunk beds are designed for use with Futonz range of wool, cotton and latex futons. We recommend futon covers for these mattresses, making futon turning a breeze, and perfectly complementing the sofa bed choice.

We make the bunks and futons right here at Futonz.

We're happy to describe the bunk bed options in more detail. Please contact us or phone us on 0508 388669 if you have any questions or would like to order.

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