Natural Sunflower Oil Foam Mattress by Dorsal
Sunflower Natural Mattress. Total thickness: 210mm

The core of the Sunflower Mattress with ergonomic zones.

Sunflower Natural Mattress

Bamboo Fabric Cover, Cotton Quilting & Sunflower Foam Core


The Sunflower mattress has a 180mm supportive layer of natural foam made from seed oil and water, surrounded by cotton quilting and knitted bamboo cover.

The Sunflower Mattress Design

The natural sunflower mattress is as supportive as latex with the yield of tempur memory foam. Developed in Germany and made by Dorsal Italy, this natural foam is the best performing product to balance support and comfort.

Supportive Core

Sunflower foam is made from natural seed oils including sunflower and soy, that are foamed with water and cured into a durable yet contouring material. It is available in soft, medium and firm density.


Each side of the mattress has 250gsm of pure, washed cotton.

Cover Material

The cover is made to be flexable, durable and breathable. It is a blend of 30% bamboo, 70% cotton.

Special removable cover.

The whole cover may be unzipped and dry cleaned. Great news for keeping your mattress fresh and clean over years of use.

Who are Dorsal?


Dorsal are a renown Italian bed design company, established in 1932, and leaders in natural and innovative sleep systems.

Comfort Guarantee
The Sunflower mattress is covered by Futonz 10 year guarantee. This includes all aspects of workmanship, materials and durability. The Sunflower mattress is also covered by Futonz 14 day trial for all the sizes given below.


These prices are for the mattress only and include GST.


22 cm total loft

152cm x 203cm
167cm x 203cm
Super King
182cm x 203cm


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