Pillows from Futonz

The right pillow can make a huge improvement to sleep quality.

Organic latex pillows range in shape and densities from soft to firm, with a choice of
bamboo or cotton slips.

Organic buckwheat husk pillows provide shapable yet very stable, firm support. We make
wool pillows which are deep and fluffy.

Natural sunflower pillows have a soft and yielding feel.

Sunflower Pillows

Specially designed in Italy by the bed company Dorsal, and made from sunflower oil and water, these pillows are luxuriously soft and accommodating, providing even distribution of pressure to soothe tension and encourage good sleep posture.

The washable cover is made from pure cotton and bamboo, and is knitted for a strong yet stretchable surface.

  • Odourless, fresh and nonallergenic
  • Long lasting performance
  • Natural materials
  • Zip off washable cover

The rounded option provides an even sleep surface great for conventional side and back sleepers. Dimensions: 70cm long, 40 wide, 13 deep.

The contoured option provides extra neck support. Dimensions: 70cm long, 40 wide, 8cm deep mid, 10cm deep front, 12cm deep back.

Rounded Sunflower Pillow


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Contoured Sunflower Pillow


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Organic Latex Pillow with Bamboo Fabric Cover

From the luxury Heveya brand comes a new range of Organic Latex Pillows at outstanding value!

The zip-off, washable, bamboo fabric cover is silky smooth, and contours beautifully, perfectly complementing the way the latex supports the neck and fits around the head.

The bamboo fabric slip is suitable to sleep upon directly and wash when required. Alternatively, use with a standard size pillow slip.

The "Heveya Soft" pillow has what most people would call medium soft density and the "Heveya Medium" pillow has a medium firm density.

Standard Pillow Size.
Dimensions: 68cm long, 35 wide, 12 deep

Heveya Organic Latex Pillow and Bamboo Cover Slip

Heveya Organic Latex Pillow with Bamboo Fabric Cover


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Contoured Support Latex Pillow

This pillow is shaped with a bump on one length and an even dip along the middle length. It can be used either side to the front for neck and upper spine support. It is soft in latex density. It comes with a non-removable slip.

Dimensions: 46cm long, 28 wide, 8/11 deep. Dips 3cm from highest side to middle (neck support bump).

Shaped Latex Pillow for Neck Support


Neck Support Latex Pillow


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Wool Pillow

This wool filled pillow is very soft and fluffy, and will fit in a standard sized pillowcase.

Wool gives warmth in winter, and a crisp lightness in summer, as the wool naturally regulates temperature and humidity. Encased in a 100% cotton cover.

A great compliment to our sofa beds for sleeping and lounging support.

Available in a resilient 60% New Zealand wool and 40% poly blend that is optimally designed to retain a thick and fluffy loft for longer. Also available as a special order with 100% organic NZ wool filling which will naturally settle with use.

Individually hand made here at Futonz.

New Zealand Wool Pillow in Natural Cotton
Woollen Pillows $40

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Organic Buckwheat Husk Pillow

If you are looking for a firm pillow that stays cool and fresh this may suit you perfectly.

Buckwheat pillows have extraordinary properties:

  • fantastic breathability
  • very firm yet flexible
  • remain cool in hot and humid weather

Buckwheat husks are the casing or shell that protects the seed. The seeds are removed and the husks are washed and dried. These husks are shaped like tiny hollow balls and are 'open' to air circulation. Used in pillows, they are firm and stable yet shift and contour to support the neck and head.

As they are hollow and open they have outstanding breathability, allowing air to circulate freely through the pillow. For this reason they are dry and cool even in high humidity. This is our firmest, most stable pillow. Hand crafted and filled by Futonz.

The organic buckwheat husks are encased in calico cotton fabric and then again in a removable, washable, over-locked pillow slip.

Most commonly sold in 'half size'. Standard pillow size available too.

Buckwheat Husk Pillow

'Half Size' Buckwheat Pillow (with pillow slip). 25cm x 45cm


Full Standard Size. 40cm x 55cm


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Closeup of Buckwheat Husks

Pillow Range

Sunflower Pillows

Heveya Organic Latex Pillow with Bamboo Cover




Contoured Latex Pillow
Wool Pillow $40

Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Japanese size: 25cm x 45cm

Standard: 40cm x 55cm




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