Futonz Seraphic Organic Latex Mattress
Seraphic Latex Mattresses. Total thickness: 150 or 220mm

Seraphic Organic Latex Mattress on Geneva Base

Seraphic Organic Latex Mattresses


Organic Latex, Bamboo and Organic Wool Cover

The Seraphic has two or three layers of 100% organic latex - giving 15 or 20cm of latex in total - to ensure absolute consistency across the whole mattress and the optimum support for your body.

The Seraphic Innovative "Customisable" Design

Having two or three separately sleeved layers of latex allows complete customisation of comfort level from very soft to extra firm. That is to say, you have the choice of the combination that suits you best - from all firm, to all soft, or any combination in between.


A standard Seraphic 20 combination has a piece of 10cm thick firm latex, a piece of 5cm thick medium latex and a piece of 5cm thick soft latex. Simply arrange the layers to your preference. For instance, 10cm of firm on the bottom, 5cm of medium in the middle, and 5cm on top gives a bed that feels soft on top with a solid foundation. 5cm of soft on the bottom, 5cm of medium in the middle, and 10cm of firm on top will feel deeply supportive with a firm and compact surface.


If this sounds to firm or too soft, simply let us know and we'll prepare the latex layers in the soft or firm densities that will suit you best. And don't worry if you're not sure, we'll swap layers for up to 3 months after you've bought the bed until you find the perfect latex consistency.

Materials and Substance

Latex is nature's 'miracle material' for beds, naturally combining the benefits of longevity, support and comfort.

Through years of sleeps the Seraphic latex mattress will retain its depth and support. We guarantee our latex mattresses for 10 years, but with reasonable care the latex should last for well over 20 years with little change in density or shape.

Latex provides great posture support - whether you choose soft or firm. Latex distributes weight very efficiently as it is 'self supporting': there is consistent, even pressure from all the surrounding latex. This promotes a horizontal or 'flat' sleep posture - meaning there is less 'dip' in the middle, encouraging a healthy, aligned spine.

Latex also seamlessly contours. There are no springs in our latex beds, so the whole mattress is free to fully adjust to body curves. This relieves pressure points and gives a gentle surface feel whether you choose firm or soft.


The quilted pockets of the Seraphic mattress cover contain a thick 250gsm layer of 100% organic New Zealand carded wool. This layer breaths and insulates; providing air circulation while regulating moisture and temperature. The wool fibres are naturally hollow, and convey excess humidity out of the mattress, giving a fresh and dry sleep environment which is cool in summer, warm in winter, and feels fresh all year round.

Cover Material

The surface of the quilting is made from bamboo blend fabric, a strong and flexible material that complements the elasticity and contouring of the latex, and the breathable qualities of the wool.

Special removable cover.

The whole cover may be unzipped and dry cleaned. Great news for keeping your mattress fresh and clean over years of use.

The Seraphic mattress is made to the best principles of mattress design, and embodies the values of comfort, health and environmental sustainability.

Special Service
You can customise the layers of latex in your Seraphic mattress to your perfect comfort preference. If you find your Seraphic too soft or too firm we will swap layers of latex to get your perfect match. This is free of charge for 3 months.

Comfort Guarantee
The Seraphic is covered by Futonz 10 year guarantee. This includes all aspects of workmanship, materials and durability. The Seraphic is also covered by Futonz 7 day trial for all the sizes given below.


These prices are for the mattress only and include GST.
We also custom make to special sizes and specifications. Just let us know your requirements.


Seraphic 15cm
17cm total loft

Seraphic 20cm
22cm total loft

92cm x 203cm
1450 1870
King Single
110cm x 203cm
1700 2240
137cm x 203cm
1920 2570
152cm x 203cm
2080 2740
167cm x 203cm
2310 3100
Super King
182cm x 203cm
2650 3420


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